Guest lecture on miRNA Technology:

The guest lecture program was conducted successfully by IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter in association with Neomutants Biotech Association on  5th October, 2015. The participants were enlightened by the lecture given by Dr.Abul Kalam Azaad Mandal, Professor, VIT University, Vellore. He gave a deep insight into miRna technology and its future prospects. The lecture made the students realize and know the new ideas on miRna technology.

Knowledge sharing session on “Anti diabetic activity of leaf extracts”:

IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter (SBC 60891A) organized a knowledge sharing session. Dr.S.Sdihra presented her research findings on Assessment of antidiabetic activity of leucas aspera leaf extracts on alloxan induced diabetic rats. She shared her novel ideas and created  awareness about the diabetes and its causes and effects.

One credit course on Phytochemistry and natural bioproducts:

One credit course on “Phytochemistry and Natural bioproducts” was organised by IEEE-EMBS student branch chapter in association with Armats Biotek Training and Research Institute (ABTRI) for a period of three days  from 05.09.2015 to 07.09.2015 to the students of B. Tech Biotechnology. The course covered all the aspects of the Phytochemistry, natural bioproducts and formulation.Invited lecture on “Introduction to Phytomedicines” was given by Dr.H.Sekar Babu, eminent professor, Armats Biotek, Chennai. The second session was a lead lecture on “Prospects and challenges in bioproducts “  by Dr.P.Arumugam, Director, Armats Biotek Pvt Ltd, Chennai.the lead lecture on formulation of bioproducts-principles and practices was given by Dr.K.Balasubramanian, Adjunct professor (research) herbal  medicines, Herbal Oncologist ,Remoni Research Foundation, Chennai. Hands -on session on preparation of herbal tea formulation ,sensory evaluvation, TLC profiling and formulation of biofertilizers was conducted by  Mr.K.Kasinathan, Ms.K.Saraswathi. 

One day Workshop on Optimization methods in Bioprocess Engineering:

A workshop entitled, ”Optimization methods in Bioprocess Engineering” was organized by IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter on 12th of September 2015 for the students of III year, Department of Biotechnology. About fifty pupils were guided by Dr.P.Sivamani,Assistant Professor of Department of Biotechnology, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. The students were taught various methods of optimization which included Plackett-Burmann Design, One Factor At Time(OFAT) and Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The students were exposed to some of the important softwares and techniques that are being used for optimization.

Knowledge sharing session on “Optimization of effective parameters for the extraction of proanthocyanidines using RSM and GA”:

IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter organized a research forum on “Optimization of effective parameters for the extraction of proanthocyanidines using RSM and GA” on 1st October,2015.Mr.R.Arulvel, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, KSRCT, shared his research findings with the students and staff members of the department. His presentation inculcated the students with thought provoking ideas on various aspects.

Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Immunotechnology in collaboration with ProGen Pvt ltd, Salem:

One day workshop on “Advanced Techniques in Immunotechnology” was arranged for the Final year students of the department on October 10th, 2015 by IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter and Pro-Gen pvt, ltd, Salem. Dr.V.Ganesan, Scientist, Pro-Gen, pvt, ltd conducted the workshop. Hands-on training on the techniques such as differentiation of blood cells, immunoelectrophoresis, radial immunodiffusion, C-reactive protein test and ELISA sandwich tests were given to the students. The students were benefitted and learned the various techniques in immunotechnology.

Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Genetic Engineering in collaboration with MEDOX Biotech Pvt ltd, Chennai:

IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter in collaboration with Medox Biotech pvt, ltd, Chennai organized a two days workshop on “Advance techniques in Genetic Engineering” during October 12th& 13th , 2015 for the third year students of the department. The workshop was arranged to give hands-on training on the techniques like multiplex pcr, site directed mutagenesis, GFP cloning and DNA mutation detection analysis. The students actively participated and engaged themselves to learn the techniques and took effort to overcome the troubleshooting in handling experiments in genetic engineering.

Research forum on “Terminator Seed Technology”:

IEEE-EMBS Student Branch Chapter organized research forum on January 07th,2016 in which Mrs.M.Nithya, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, KSRCT shared her views on “Terminator seed technology”. She also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. All the students of the department attended the program and indulged their minds with thought provoking ideas.