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US Patents


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Biosynthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles for stability and extended shelf-life of antagonistic activities

B.Mythili Gnanmangai and P.Ponmurugan

US/12/916,497 dated 30.10.2010


Preparation of PGPR bioformulation for the biological control of red root rot
disease in tea plants.

B.Manju Karunamkika and P.Ponmurugan

US/13/092,178 dated 22.04.2011


Bioformulation of vermicompost based Trichoderma atroviride against Phomopsistheae, causal agent of Phomopsis canker disease in tea plants

S.Anita, P.Ponmurugan and B.Nithya

US/13/348,444 dated 24.01.2012


Bioefficacy of garlic based bioformulation of antidiabetic activity

M.A. Deepa, G.Saravanan and P.Ponmurugan

US/12  dated 04.09.2012

UK Patents


Lichen assisted feed mix for poultry management to enhance the egg production

G. Ayyappadasan, T.R. Sriram, P.Ponmurgan, Sanjeeva Nayaka and Rama S Verma

GB 1315156.8 dated 23.08 2013


Electroplating industrial derived nanoparticles for the growth of agricultural crops in India

S.M.Brinda Shree, R.Ganesh Babu, G. Ayyappadasan and P.Ponmurgan

GB 1315071.9 dated 23.08 2013